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RF Microneedling

Combat Wrinkles, Blemishes, & More

Age-Defying RF Microneedling Treatments in Fairfax, VA

RF (radio frequency) microneedling takes facial rejuvenation to the next level. During the RF microneedling treatment, radiofrequency energy is delivered through microchannels and into the lower layers of skin, delivering more comprehensive and powerful results. As your body heals, the new skin grows firmer, tighter, and smoother. Often, fewer treatments are needed with RF microneedling, and results may be visible after just one appointment. With RF microneedling, the professionals at Crystal Clarity can help you love the reflection staring back at you.

Benefits of RF Microneedling

  • All benefits of microneedling
  • Minimal to no downtime
  • Firmer, tighter complexion
  • Customizable treatment
  • Deeper skin healing
  • Improved skin texture
  • Brighter skin
  • Boosted healing of scars
  • Reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • FDA approved

RF Microneedling FAQs

How long does RF microneedling last?

RF microneedling results last upwards of six months to one year. After your initial appointment, more treatments may be recommended for optimal results. Our team at Crystal Clarity works with each client to form a holistic approach to achieving your desired outcomes.

Does RF Microneedling hurt?

Just like any other beauty treatment, you may experience some minor discomfort during your session. Some describe the sensation as mild pricking or mild burning, but everyone’s threshold for discomfort differs. If you’re concerned about the RF Microneedling treatment, our staff will apply a topical anesthetic for your utmost comfort and ease.

What’s the difference between microneedling and RF microneedling?

Microneedling stimulates your body’s natural healing response by creating tiny channels in your skin. RF microneedling takes this process a step further, harnessing the power of radiofrequency energy. First, the microneedles create channels into the lower skin layers. Next, radiofrequency energy is sent down through the channels where it’s absorbed as heat. By heating deeper tissues, RF microneedling spurs collagen and elastin production for tighter, smoother skin.

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Sit back, relax, and regain your ageless skin at Crystal Clarity. Our RF microneedling treatments are our most popular service for a younger-looking complexion. To schedule your appointment, or learn more about the benefits of RF microneedling, contact Crystal Clarity today.